• Whitening Kit (9pcs)

Whitening Kit (9pcs)

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This Whitening Starter Kit includes 9 travel-sized favourites:

Step 1 • White Boosting Foam Cleanser 15ml
Suitable for all skin types, this cleanser goes deep into your skin to rejuvenate. It has coconut extract that is gentle to sensitive skin, and Vitamin C to help with brightening.

Step 2 • White Boosting Toner 8ml
Suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin, this toner has Vitamin B3 and White Boosting Complex to promote fairness and reduce dark spots.

Step 3 • White Boosting Emulsion 8ml
Suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin, this emulsion is lightweight and non-sticky. It has 7 nourishing plant ingredients, helping to brighten your skin tone naturally.

YADAH White Boosting range is free from 10 harmful chemicals: Parabens, Chlorphenesin, Benzyl Alcohol, Polyacrylamide, Mineral Oil, Sulfate Surfactant, Artificial Coloring, Artificial Fragrance, Petrolatum and Talc.

Step 4.1 • Oh My Sun Screen Sachet x 2pcs
Suitable for oily and sensitive skin, this light formula stays matte and doesn't clog your pores. It also contains Chamomile and Lavender extract to soothe and protect. SPF35/PA++

YADAH Oh My Sun Screen is free from 8 harmful chemicals: Parabens, Triethanolamine, Benzophenone, Sulfate Surfactant, Mineral Oil, Tar Colorant, Propylene Glycol and Talc.

Step 4.2 • Oh My Sun Slush Sachet x 2pcs
Suitable for all skin types, this sun protection gel contains refreshing cactus to soothe and moisturize the skin. It is also non-sticky absorbs quickly. SPF50/PA+++

YADAH Oh My Sun Slush is free from 6 harmful chemicals: Parabens, Denatured Alcohol, Benzophenone, Mineral Oils, Talc and Coloring.

Step 5 • Brightening Mask Pack x 2pcs
Made from 100% natural cotton, this mask pack suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive ones.

YADAH Brightening Mask Pack is free from 4 harmful chemicals: Parabens, Fragrance, Ethanol and Artificial Coloring.

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