• Pro Artist Kit (The Pink Edition)

Pro Artist Kit (The Pink Edition)

RM 150.00 RM 215.00


Pro Artist Kit (The Pink Edition) includes a Fan Brush, Blush Brush, Blender BrushOval Shadow BrushPen Brush and Brow Brush.


  • Flawless makeup application and results
  • Easy clean
  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty-free

     Bristle Quality: Finest grade of synthetic hair

    *All Pro Brush kits are considered as a single item each. 

    1. Fan Brush - Dip brush into powder and tap lightly to remove excess. Gently apply onto the high-points of face in light swift strokes.

    2. Blush Brush - Gently swirl brush over product, tap off excess and brush along cheekbones for a natural flush of colour. Blend outward and upward along cheekbones to achieve desired results.

    3. Blender Brush - Use for blending or layering colour by gradually applying pigment until desired definition and intensity are achieved.

    4. Oval Shadow Brush - Pick up pigments using the brush, gently dab onto desired area and blend.

    5. Pen Brush - Use brush to pick up colour, tap off excess and brush along the crease or lash line to deepen eye shadow shade. Blend towards the lighter shade to create a smooth transition.

    6. Brow Brush - Pick up colour and sweep through brow in the direction of hair growth. Softly coat each hair with colour and fill in the sparse spaces.

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